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Vessel Registration

As stated in the FYC Bylaws, “no boat or yacht shall exceed the size of the Unit so used or occupied“. ALL vessels, including bow pulpit and/or anchor holder, must fit within the Unit length, 30′, 34′, 35′, 40′, and 50′. Unit widths may vary due to differences in construction and mooring piling location. Therefore, approval to moor vessels “new” to FYC must be determined by the Dock Master on a case-by-case basis. In addition, ALL vessels moored at FYC must have a copy of the declaration page of the insurance policy on file at all times. Coverage limits will be in accordance with FYC Rules and Regulations. All vessels must be seaworthy and show a clean and well-kept appearance.

Unit owners must obtain authorization from the FYC Dock Master BEFORE placing their vessel or a tenant’s vessel in the Unit. Owners who fail to do so and/or fail to provide the Dock Master with a proper Vessel Registration Form will be considered non-compliant with FYC Bylaws and shall be subject to the penalties in FYC Rules and Regulations.

It is each Unit owner’s responsibility to ensure that vessel registration information, including liability insurance coverage, is kept current for vessels occupying each Unit at all times. When a vessel is moved from one Unit to another, a new registration form reflecting the change is required within 24 hours of the relocation.

If you prefer to print out and mail your registration form, download the PDF version.